Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Finale of the Missing Songs!

It's been quite a few days but it is finally finished and well this is the last parts of the songs from the first video to the newest see how much Dave has changed! Okay one quick thing I checked Twitter and instead of Dave being live Saturdays like usual he's actually being live Friday.. at 8. Okay? Remember that k'. Okay let move on.............
We last stopped on the song "Alicia Keys (No One)" and now I give you part 4 (the finale)
Dave Days-"Katie's Song"
Dave Days-"I Got A Crush...On Hillary"
Dave Days's "My 2 Girls 1 Cup"<-- don't Google that! :)
Dave Days-"OMG! This Girl Is So Hot!"
Dave Days-"YouTube Celeb Diss (Song)"
Dave Days-"Tube It! Unoriginal Song"
Dave Days-"My DaxFlame Song (Music Video)"
Dave Days "Lisa Nova Song (Live With Tom)"
Dave Days "My YouTube Song"
Tay Zonday-"Chocolate Rain (Pop-Punk)"
Okay Guys that was the 1st video that I could find, also get early passes for Dave's live show this Friday. And check out parts 1, 2 and 3!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Like I said the clips and shorts will be posted probably posted next week by Angel, he's coming back tomorrow! Okay, oh wait Kondoot that's right here go and get ready for Friday.
Kondoot- Peace  \ ˚▽˚ /  ~Jacob

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