Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Month starts, tomorrow!

Had fun at Vidcon? I couldn't go, but if you didn't go and saw Dave's Saturday show you would have felt that you where there! And guess what, it's late ya but the new month starts tomorrow and I have allot to say, let's mix the schedule a little bit. Ya you don't see that everyday! Okay, I haven't said this but surprise wasted, ya if you haven't seen in the schedule there'll be a surprise on Sunday, and that surprise is........... NEW DAMN BLOG, eh hem, sorry. But ya i'll let the schedule take it away!!!
Monday~(<-- ooh i'm fancy huh?) New blog!, VIDEO!, Awesome photo, and blog party?
Tuesday~Photo Party!!!
Wednesday~Video, Random stuff
Thursday~ 4th of July special
Friday~ Link, video,
Saturday~ The link to where Davedays is going to be live, The NEW Saturday video,
Sunday~one week special, post, Photo, New schedule,

Oldie becomes new?

New video by Dave Days! acoustic version of Don't let go, haven't seen "Don't Let Go?" Ya some fan! Just kiddin great song though, share this vid, follow Dave, Like Dave on FB, SUB!

Today's video....

Okay so I didn't know what video to post, music vid, vlog, well I found a video that will be perfect, HOW TO DRAW! Davedays, it's the easiest way to draw it I draw it all the times. Just skip to around 1:15 to see how to draw him, now NOTE! THIS IS NOT HOW TO DRAW DAVE IN REAL LIFE MORE LIKE A CARTOON! so ya.....

Friday, June 29, 2012

Breaking News, these are late so....

Going live tomorrow Saturday 5Pm Cali Time, Vidcon BE THERE!, That is all. I return you to your usually schedule.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm so sorry!

Guys sorry so not putting anything these 2 days, the schedule will be posted in this post, as of Monday and Sunday well let's just say I was on break, ;)
Tuesday-picture, Video
Saturday- The link to where Dave will be live, Twitter post, and The new video
Sunday- picture post schedule
As you can see there will be nothing posted on Friday, you'll see why on Sunday, ;)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Video Is here!!!!!

Guys the NEW video is here and Dave is going live as I said i'll put the link to where he's going to be live! ENJOY!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Twitter, Facebook, Kondoot, and DAVE!

Checked Twitter yet? well if you haven't here you go...... Your welcome
Dave Days
Going live tomorrow at 3pm Cali time!! ALSO NEW VID!!

Am I too Late?

Yes, well i'm back from that mini vacation, wow, well who's excited for tomorrows new Daveday's vid? Do you even remember? Tomorrows Saturday, which means Dave's going LIVE! and also new vid.

Monday, June 18, 2012


If you came here because you went to a different website, yes this is the OFFICIAL DaveDays Fan club, while i'm trying to delete that website leave a comment if you know how to delete a blog thanks! And Ijust want to say something if you want to know a answer to Davedays LEAVE A COMMENT about your question you have and i'll answer it as fast as I can okay? Thanks as always follow Dave on Twitter, and like his page on Facebook and don't for get to subscribe to Dave on Youtube.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Enough of Me More Dave! :/

Hey guys it's me Angel, iv'e been posting to much post so let me break it down from dates ok?
Last day of road trip 2:00 Pm today
Random Dave video-2:00 Pm today
post/photo- Monday
nothing Tuesday-Thursday
post/video- Friday
Blog/New Davedays Video-Link to Dave's live- Saturday
Video and new schedule- Sunday!

I'ts not over yet!

Yes this is the new video i decided to post NOTE: THIS VIDEO IS NOT NEW AT ALL, all credits go to Dave follow him on Twitter and like his page on Facebook.

We're Here

Say good-bye to Chris because we're here and the journey has begins here travel with Dave and hang, but who says you can't still watch Chris? Go ahead and subscribed I hoped you loved this trip!

Promised Broke?!?!

Hey guys I know i promised that I was going to update my blog but I had 0 time to do so. So starting the countdown the new blog will be posted to day at 11:30 so lets countdown 30min to go!

Almost There!

Day 4- Part 2, going to California from Philadelphia, PA is hard but not as long if you bring a camera! Watch as Dave and Chris go to California and one thing the next day will be the end so you can wait or click the annotations in the video so thanks for watching. Like always like DaveDays Facebook page and follow him on Twitter and subscribe to him on Youtube as well thanks please comment.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just finished watching Davedays here the video if you missed it!

Day 4- Part 1

Hey guys this is Day 4 part 1 the next part will be posted tomorrow at 10:00Am. Anyways Day is live in about 30 minutes, and also guys sorry if the time has been going round weirdly I don't know why my time says the right time but the blog says the wrong time so sorry for the wrong time follow d\Dave on Twitter and
like his page on Facebook

he's live!

It's here the new music video i'll shut up and let you watch it!

Road Trip Day 3......Happy Yet?

Here's day 3... enjoy? One quick memo if you haven't read yet DaveDays is going live to today, watch him at and also follow him on Twitter!/davedays thanks I hope you all meet Davedays! Also the next video is a part so i'm going to put part one today at 3:50pm and then the next part would be posted on Sunday.

He's almost on the air!

1HR till Dave's online and also New video it's just loading here check it out. Go watch it!

Check It Out!

Have you checked Twitter yet? Well if you have You would have seen... well you know what i'll just quote it! And you don't have to worry i'll post the new video once it's posted with that goodbye!


More Photos!

Road Trip!

This is an oldie but watch how Davedays comes to California, Day 1. Next video will be posted at 12:00 so watch the video 

Road Trip- Part 2!

Welcome back- Day 2, next video will be posted at 2:00 okay :) COMMENT PLZ <3 And while your reading this if you have a Facebook go and like DaveDays Page here the link thanks! :)