Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Month starts, tomorrow!

Had fun at Vidcon? I couldn't go, but if you didn't go and saw Dave's Saturday show you would have felt that you where there! And guess what, it's late ya but the new month starts tomorrow and I have allot to say, let's mix the schedule a little bit. Ya you don't see that everyday! Okay, I haven't said this but surprise wasted, ya if you haven't seen in the schedule there'll be a surprise on Sunday, and that surprise is........... NEW DAMN BLOG, eh hem, sorry. But ya i'll let the schedule take it away!!!
Monday~(<-- ooh i'm fancy huh?) New blog!, VIDEO!, Awesome photo, and blog party?
Tuesday~Photo Party!!!
Wednesday~Video, Random stuff
Thursday~ 4th of July special
Friday~ Link, video,
Saturday~ The link to where Davedays is going to be live, The NEW Saturday video,
Sunday~one week special, post, Photo, New schedule,

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