Monday, August 6, 2012

Part 2 of the Missing Songs

Okay we last stopped on "You've Been on My Mind" and so forwards to the next part!
Selena Gomez-"Who Says"
Dave Days-"Your Melody"
Lonely Island-"I Just Had S3x"
Far East Moment-"Rocketeer"
Dave Days "What Does It Take"
Bed Intruder, Double Rainbow, Sunny D,-Schmoyo Mash up-
John Lemon-"Imagine" Cover Callob-
Dave Days-"Turn Off the Lights"
Dave Days-"Olive You"
My Favorite Flavor- Days-"My Last Song For Miley"
Justin Bieber-"Baby" Parody-
Owl City-"Fireflies" Parody-
Jay Sean "Down" & Lady Gaga-"Paparrazi"(Pop Punk)-
Dave Days "What I'm Thankful for..."
Dave Days "I'm Better Than You're Boyfriend (RAP)"
Stay Tuned Tomorrow for part (3) :) have a great week guys! And just in case you guys missed part 1 here it is!

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