Friday, August 10, 2012

We Wanna tell ya Something

It's been on our minds this whole summer, okay? We've discussed this almost all the time. And we made a deal, you guys know we're just in college, but we're not establishing that yet. But we have to tell you that our schedule, is twisting and turning we can't post things in the morning snip snap so here's the so called "blog hours"

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays - we're posting posts, pics, videos, etc. AFTER 4:30 or in the morning you can message us when ever you want BUT we're only responding back which is early in the morning before 8am or after 7am  and after 4:30 pm! But We close at 8:30pm what that means is we don't respond after that.

Wednesdays-We're posting posts after 1:30 pm Or before 8am and after 7am, like we said before message us when ever you can but on Wednesdays we're replying back early in the morning or after 1:30pm. We close early, we close at 7pm GOT that?

Week ends, we're free the whole time! Until 9pm. We open up at 10am!

Classified Days-Listen up, these so called "Classified Days" are important to us that means we're not available on a certain time, meaning that some times we'll post things late on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and MAYBE Saturdays. Note these days or not good for us!

Dave Days (literally)- since Dave is our main goal here, Dave makes us Happy so these days, we might- stay up late (for a certain time) open early, be free (examples-Holidays, birthdays, special occasions, day off (not meaning day off from the blog) etc. Note these days are good.

Okay guys hoped that helped you, just in case you needed a little help, we all share the same email, it's mail us and will probably get back to you on a certain time k thanks, DIFD! If you know what I mean!

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