Monday, July 2, 2012

Woo Party!!

Welcome here's your present!
Davedays all in one special
Photos=D                                                             I hope this pictures and videos will entertain you for a

while, and if your wondering some of the videos I decided to post are kind of old, all the videos I chose have something at least one thing in common with Dave so yes, I just want to thank all the people who supports me, guys I just want to tell you something very importing, please tell your friends about this blog I mean if they like Dave of course. Advertise this blog so Dave could see this, I love all you guys If you want any questions about Dave, like where was he born, what's he's favorite color, where does he work at, any questions kind of like that I would answer all them. Please guys buy his merch! I would strongly agree if you follow Dave Days on Twitter, I would go wild if you like his page on Facebook, HE would like it if you watch him on Kondoot, if you don't know he goes live every Saturday and I post the time he goes live and the link, for those guys who don't know what's Kondoot is just a website where you could go live and people see you it's really easy to make you can make it by using your email or by using your Facebook so I hope you enjoy everything!

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