Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vidcon 2012!! & THE FUTURE!

Vidcon videos, all 2012!
And also if you didn't go, that's okay watch this 1hr video of Dave, first thing is that this is NOT when he performs or neither the meet 'n greet! This is the normal LIVE show which is every Saturday!

Plans for the future...
Okay, guys, Dave is deciding to get.....
yes, notice that I said deciding he doesn't know yet, so guys go on Twitter and start the war, of weather he gets it or not, and if you have a idea of which tattoo Dave should get go ahead go on his Twitter!

But don't leave Facebook out of the question, go post it on his wall too!

Twitter start the war!- SUBB Dave!-
Facebook- Buy Dave's Merch-

Kondoot video of Dave at Vidcon!!!!-

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