Friday, July 27, 2012

New video?

As you guys know Dave will be uploading his new video and he'll also be live, so i'm putting up the video maybe a bit late, but i'm posting Kondoot right now get your pass early, I have things I have to attend tomorrow. And hint the song will be a parody of Starships by Niki Manaj.
Kondoot (also where Dave goes Live)- .............. THIS JUST IN WE INTERRUPT THIS AWESOME POST TO TELL YOU THAT DAVE IS PROBABLY NOT BEING LIVE THIS SATURDAY, Dave's internet's messed up and will be fixed, in the mean time, I guess there's no Saturday Live show. Well guys i'm sorry I guess. But let me sheer you up i'm posting a sneak preview of my new blog that'll be launched Tuesday! There's always next week okay I know, waiting isn't a fun thing to do but he'll be back it's not like he's dead!

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