Sunday, July 22, 2012

Let's get real. :l

Note: please you don't have to read this, skip this to read the special post :)                                      Okay guys so just today I entered to get the chance to get AdSense, but I fail, ya and Adsense is an gadget that you can earn money when people buy thing on your website and I thought it would have been a great idea to advertise Dave's merch but didn't work so until I get another chance to get it you guys will just have to click on the links I give you to but the merch anyways....
Okay so this is a special post because you'll see ;)
Dave Days-
Full name- Dave Joesph Colditz
Gender- Male
Age/Birth- Dave is 20 years old and was born in August 13, 1991
Current location- California, Hollywood Los Angeles, USA
Home Town-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Eye color- Brown
Siblings? Yes, one sister
Date joined Youtube August 25, 2007
Height- 6'0"
Favorite Color(s)- Blue and Green
Albums- 1st Album Davedays show (2009) with 18 songs
              2nd Album Dinner and a Movie (2010) with 7 songs
              & latest one We're Just kids (2012) with 5 songs
Subscribers as of today-1,441,741
Videos Posted-121 as of today 7/22/12
Usually Active On- Saturdays
Website? not quite ready yet.
Youtube (main)-
Youtube (2nd)-
Okay hope you loved it k bye!

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